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College Credit Card

For a college student it is pretty hard to get by financially, particularly these days because of the new strict laws that credit card companies introduced, but with enough luck to get approved for college credit card, you can really use them to your advantage being aware of some very simple tips. One thing to do for all students while they are looking for a card is to ensure they purchase one with the lowest percentage rate per year (APR) they can find.

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College Credit Card

Even if a credit company gives you a lower introductory rate then the other it doesn’t make it automatically the best offer for you since they might nail you later with a high percentage rate per year which would cost you a lot of money in the long term. Besides, those applying for college credit card must make sure that they will be able to find one with a very low annual fee or even with zero annual fees. The credit providers will charge you per year for using their card; it doesn’t matter if you make 100 transactions or zero so be certain you receive the best deal available when it comes to this very important fee. Another important thing to look out for would be policy they have on late payments. Many college students lack credit history that older people have so credit providers will frequently be harder on them in case they leg behind on their monthly payments and will generally make their already pretty high rates double high. You should also keep track when your credit cards change policy, because it means that your credit provider can change the rates on your card at anytime and often no giving any reason at all, so ensure you get information from other students what they think about each credit card company.

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