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Corporate Credit Cards

In this article, you can find some tips how to start corporate credit cards with no personal guarantee. It is important for business and individuals to obtain credit cards and secure lines of credit, particularly when their accounts are low on money but they have to cover their bills and payroll. Obtaining a card or a loan might not be hard but most possibly a bank will require the business owner to have personal guarantee for the account.

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Corporate Credit Cards

To say it differently, the owner will have personal liability for any debts they own to the bank whatever the status of the business group. Is this possible for the owner to obtain corporate credit cards with no personal guarantee? First, the business has to show good credit scores reported by all three credit bureaus. They need to find vendors and suppliers ready to give them a line of credit that might be just a small sum but it should be in the name of the business. One account is hardly enough for business to built up their credit scores. The business has to own a few accounts, with both loans and rotating lines of credit, to demonstrate a rock-solid credit history and be eligible for corporate credit cards with no personal guarantee. There are banks that provide credit cards at first with a guarantee although after some period of time they can take off the guarantee if they see the account has been in proper standing, never crossing the limit, and payments have been done on time. The period could extend from six months to a year. It is doable to negotiate such conditions with the bank where the business can have the checking account.

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