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Student Credit Cards

The majority of colleges and universities nowadays provide a great number of college student credit cards. However the sad reality is that the majority of students leaving for school today do not know how to carry financial responsibilities such as being given a credit card. Before that was the option to use when they needed cash, they either called their parents to ask for it or they made some money from a part time job they had.

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Student Credit Cards

But except the case when you maybe wrote those loans down in a notebook, the students lack practice with real credit cards. You should think about getting your kid a college student credit card when they leave for school. If you have previously experienced the financial pain of having sent a kid to college, you know what I am talking about - you can make plans and budget at one time, but there always will be extra expanses that the school is expecting to be paid for, that might include a study guide, a text book, a parking permit, etc. Besides, there are some clear advantages to obtaining college student credit cards for your schoolboy or schoolgirl. Other than the lack of anxiety about those unforeseen expenses that are nearly surely going to pop up, the kids will gain some knowledge about financial responsibility. Be cautious when you put a certain credit limit on those school student credit cards. The majority of card issuers will not agree to a huge credit limit, but still it should be no more than a few hundred dollars, just sufficient to pay for the incidentals that weren’t planned. You cannot agree to the student being tempted by the vision of "free money" coming from a cash advance when they are thinking about a short break trip to Florida. This is just one more reason to not exceed the credit limit too much.

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