5 Smartest Movies of All Time

Some movies will fascinate you and trigger some questions within your mind. Movies that fascinate you in this way are the ones that have powerful force of imagination behind their plot. Maybe you’ve also watched or heard about a movie like this and you’re wondering if there are more. Of course there are several ones around. In fact, some of them will continue to stay around forever.

You are yet to experience the peak of fascination if you haven’t watched these movies. They are the smartest movies of all time. Write my paper online service prepared you a list of the smartest movies of our time:

1. The Matrix

The matrix is full of cool phenomenon that changed the way people perceived the world that we live in. This movie introduced the concept of stimulated reality. Also, it generated some important philosophical questions about mankind. Wachowskis directed the movie. Up till now, there are some questions which the movie asked that are yet to be answered. Perhaps, future discoveries can answer those questions.

2. Primer

Primer is more than just a movie; It’s a science puzzle. One needs to watch the movie a couple of times before one can comprehend every aspect of the movie. When you eventually comprehend the movie, you’re likely going to feel victorious that you’ve cracked a complex puzzle. In this movie, engineer Aaron and Abe invented a machine by an accident. They thought their new invention is a time machine but they faced bad consequences when they tested the machine.

3. Interstellar

This movie utilizes the science of relativity together with many outer space concepts to tell an emotional story of a father and his daughter. The movie featured some theories which are yet to be proven, but it presented them in ways that are close to the reality.

4. Donnie Darko

This movie features the imaginations of a wealthy adolescent. The movie centers upon Donie: a young rebel. The movie creates lots of humor through its intimidating characters with strange looks. In the movie, Donnie had lots of sleep walking experience and his constant hallucinations made him to appear like someone who is detached from reality. A strange figure with costume of rabbit often appeared to Donnie to tell him some bizarre things.

5. Eraserhead

This movie is about Henry: a man who needs to help his severely deformed child overcome everyday challenges. Henry married a young lady named Mary X who got pregnant for him. Things went in the unusual way when Mary X gave birth to a strange lizard-like creature instead of a human baby. The movie has many bodily horror scenes that have some philosophical and psychological elements. David Lynch is the writer and director of the movie.


There’s no doubt at all that the fives movies that mentioned above are the smartest movies of all time. Ensure you watch them as many times as possible.