The Benefits of Title Loans

Title loans, also known as car title loans and auto title loans, are secured loans. You would use the title of your car or vehicle as the security or collateral to borrow a sum of money. Title loans are also available against bikes or motorcycles and other vehicles, such as boats or yachts. Basically, any automobile or vehicle that is worth a certain value can be used as collateral. Title loans are the much needed financial help for people who do not have any other option. Title loans are significantly better than unsecured loans such as payday loans. Like all loans, there are interests to be paid and terms of repayment that must be adhered to. However, the benefits of title loans far outweigh whatever negatives or demerits one may point out.

Here are the benefits of title loans.

•The first and the most obvious benefit of title loans is the sheer fact that people can borrow some money when they need financial help without exploring undesirable options. Not everyone owns a house and even then using its equity may not be really relevant. You would not cash in on the equity of a house if all you need is a few hundred dollars. Unsecured loans have much higher rates of interest. Car title loans are considerably more reasonable than those. Banks are not always forthcoming with their personal loans or other types of loans. Also, banks are extremely demanding and they will want to know the specific purpose you have for applying the loan. Car title loans do not require such purposes or explanations. You may use the money for a personal purpose. You may use the loan for business or a commercial purpose.

•Title loans are more readily available than some other options. You can check out a list of online title loan lenders. You can explore their propositions, read as much as you want about them, check their reviews and even send in a query or two. Many of them have live chat facility so you can talk to their loan officers or customer service executives. You can ask for quotes, provide your information and then compare the offers. You can choose the best offer, not just in regards to the loan amount and the rate of interest but also the terms of repayment. All of this can be done in a few minutes if you put in the effort needed. Practically, you can get approved for car title loans in less than an hour and you can have cash in your bank account before the end of the day. There are title loan providers or lenders who can actually approve your application and credit the loan amount into your bank account within an hour. Very few loans, secured or unsecured, in the world are available in such a short span of time. Banks would never be able to offer you such an expedited process. Banks do have car title loans but the time required is painstaking and so are their application and approval processes.

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•You get to keep your car or vehicle and you can continue to use it throughout the term of your car title loan. You do not have to miss your car for even a second. You can repay the entire loan as per the term and take back the title from the lender. If you fail to repay or you are having some issues with one installment, you can always discuss possibilities with the lender. If there is a crisis and you are unable to repay the entire loan amount by the end of the term, you can seek an extension. Some states make it imperative for the lenders to grant extensions so people can repay their loans and not lose their cars or vehicles. Only when you fail to repay by the end of the extension granted to you is there a possibility of your car being seized, possessed and auctioned off. Even then you have a chance to get into an understanding with the lender. In effect, you are protected at various levels so your security, guarantor or collateral in this case, which is your car, does not get taken from you.

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