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Credit Cards for Fair Credit

Credit cards for fair credit don’t differ much from the cards for average credit; the main difference is the credit limit you get approval for. Credit cards for fair credit are intended for consumers that are up to date with their bills but might have happened to pay a couple of bills late in the past. Their credit score can be between the high 500's to the low 600's.

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Credit Cards for Fair Credit

  • They have Interest Rates between 14.99% - 20.00% which would depend on type of card
  • Limit for getting Credit Approval range in $500 - $2500 which depends on client’s credit score. The biggest difference is made by longer credit history that shows higher balances and higher income to debt ration.
  • Credit History – It is required to previously have a loan or credit card showing you have had a convincingly good payment record.
  • Capacity – It is expected that your job/income source on your application should be compatible with your stated income. The big impact will have your job time and length of residence.
  • Average credit is intended for customers that are paying their bills regularly but might have had some late payments in their history. Their credit score would be from the low 600's to the Mid 600's.
  • For various card types average interest rates would range between 8.99% - 14.00%
  • Limits to approve your credit would be: $500 - $5000 varying on what your credit score is.
  • It is convenient to have long credit history and be able to prove higher balances and higher income to debt ration.
  • It is the best to provide proof of good credit history – of having a loan or credit card with convincingly good payment calendar.
  • Credit – It is ok to be late on one or more than one credit card(s), loan payments, medical bills or other bills in the last six months.

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