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If you've had experienced credit troubles in the past and see that you're always rejected by credit card issuers or banks when you try to start new facilities, then a no credit credit cards would be possibly a part of the solution for you. No credit credit cards are frequently prepaid cards that can be used instead of cash when you've transferred money onto it. While you can sometimes find this kind of card related to as a prepaid credit card, the card does not provide credit facilities so it is not possible to accumulate any debt on it.

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It can offer you the elasticity of plastic but with no additional lure of a credit balance that you can use whenever you want. You can just spend as much as was before deposited to the card. Since you are just spending cash that you have available, there is no need of credit check for this type of a card. Paying for goods by the means of plastic at present seems to be the standard. Whenever you try to go without a card of any kind only then you realize how common use it is nowadays and how hard it might be to make some types of transactions not having one. Having your prepaid card ready to use with money is also not difficult and there are two major ways to do it. If you have a pre pay card with a bank account attached to it, you can just pay cash into this account by a regular bank transfer. You could also make arrangements so monthly salary is transferred directly into your account and handle your day-to-day finances online. Besides, money can be transferred directly to your card when you use outlet with the Pay Point logo. No credit credit cards would be helpful to get you some flexibility – sparing you danger of accumulating additional debt.

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